Alphonse: A Monster for Our Time

A Monster for Our Time Redux

Ruth Franklin writing on Mary Shelley in The New Republic:

“In other words, not only was Mary Shelley pregnant during much of the period that she was writing Frankenstein, but she had already suffered the birth and death of an infant. Unsurprisingly, she was tormented by the loss: A journal entry in 1815 reads, ‘Dream that my little baby came to life again; that it had only been cold, and that we rubbed it before the fire, and it lives.’ The echoes of Frankenstein—in which the scientist, who hopes to ‘infuse a spark of being into the lifeless thing that lay at my feet,’ at last sees it open its eyes and breathe—are unmistakable. And the birth of the “creature,” as he calls it at first, occurs only after ‘days and nights of incredible labor and fatigue’; later he refers again to the ‘painful labor.’”

Hello, Alphonse!

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